The Tools 4 Data Process

Tools 4 Data, LLC functions on the premise of 4 roles: Network Administration, Centralized Services, CIO services, and Support Services. Each role is distinct yet also flows into other roles. Network Administration is the comparison between our Best Practices and your actual network configuration. Centalized Services is the centralized administration of functions on your network (patch management, anti-virus, back-ups and group policy). Chief Information Officer (CIO) Services is our planning/forecasting/budgeting role where we listen to your business needs and create a strategic plan for your IT to make it happen. Support Services is the actual tech who fixes your employees' issues. The following stories better illustrate how each role communicates with the other roles and how our superpower leads to a win for your business.

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Aging Server

Mr. Smith has a network at his company. His employees start reporting strikingly similar issues to the Support Services tech. Centralized Services identifies a common issue and develops a solution to deploy remotely and automatically. In the Network Administrator's review of the network, he identifies some equipment and practices that don't meet our Best Practices. He reviews the workaround that Centralized Services put in place and finds an old piece of equipment. The Network Administrator prepares a recommendation for the CIO. The CIO presents the solution and business impact of the issue to Mr. Smith who approves it. Professional Services then deploys the solution.

Failed Backup

Ms. Jay thinks her back-up is performing perfectly but hears a horror story from a colleague about a backup that didn't back anything up. She calls Support Services and requests a test. Support Services reviews the latest Network Administator's monthly report where he confirms that a large "test restore" and test server virtualization were performed during his monthly visit and was working properly. His visit was 2 weeks ago so the data is current. Support Services follows up with a request to the Network Administrator to call Ms. Jay and discuss the report. Ms. Jay met with the Network Administrator the day the "test restore" occurred so she was aware of the report but she wanted reassurances of her back-up system.

Mobile Workforce

Ms. Lily has a company that has a liberal work-from-home policy. Support Services receives multiple requests to configure remote access. Centralized Services picks up the multiple requests and develops a process to simplify the configuration. The Network Administrator, in review of the company IT, realizes that more and more employees are taking advantage of working remotely and suggests a different approach that is more secure and reliable. The Network Administrator, Centralized Services, and CIO work together to develop a solution that involves moving some network services to the Cloud. The CIO weighs the costs/benefits of the solutions and gains approval from Ms. Lily to implement the changes. Professional Services then deploys the solution.