Help Desk Support

Your employees are not IT people, they simply want their workstation to work correctly so they can get on with their day. We provide help desk support to keep your employees working.

On-Site Support

Occassionally, a server needs to be rebuilt or an error message cannot be duplicated over remote access. When things cannot be resolved remotely, we show up on-site!

Problem Isolation and Resolution

It is up to us to determine where the technology is failing. You tell us the issue and we take it from there.

"How To" Questions

Technology lets us create more than we ever could and often times we are only limited by our imagination. When you want to do something specific with your technology, we are here to listen to your "how do I. . ." and find the answer for you.

Customer Portal

We have an easy way for you and your employees to reach us in the event of an issue or a question.

Remote Support

We can remotely fix almost everything. And if we can't, we show up at your site.


  • Personalized Support
  • On-Site Support
  • Problem Isolation and Resolution
  • "How To" Questions Answered
  • Customer Portal
  • Remote Support
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