Technology as a Competitive Advantage

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How Technology Can Be Your Competitive Advantage

Many business owners see technology as just a bunch of gadgets prone to breaking when they need them the most. But Technology Solutions Providers (TSPs) understand that when deployed correctly, information technology is more than just a set of tools, it becomes part of your business’s competitive advantage.

You can use technology to set yourself apart from the competition in many ways. Either with more efficient service, business practices simplified with automation, or by becoming more flexible and responsive.

Become More Efficient

There are many ways your business can benefit from the smart application of technology.

Are there stacks of paper around your office? To a TSP that’s a sign there’s an opportunity for an efficiency gain, where you could create extra time for your staff each day.

Switching to an electronic recordkeeping system will allow you to rapidly move documents and files among your staff, and to your clients. Get your designs approved and contracts signed faster.

Going paperless also eliminates a large amount of labor and materials. You save on the cost of printers, toner, and paper. You also save time on what you do with that paper, whether that be mailing or delivering. The extra effort just moving paper around create many hidden costs that add up quickly. And the money saved over time by going paperless can buy your business a lot of new IT infrastructure that you can you use to grow even further.

Simplify with Automation

Your business can automate many tasks, for both you and your clients. Take a look at your overall product delivery process with your TSP. Usually every business has steps that can be simplified with automation.

Is there excessive overhead to your inventory management with excessive overhead? Have tedious processes and wasted effort crept in as you’ve grown? This happens with most businesses. A digital barcoding system can get your business that time and effort back. A TSP can even help you integrate inventory management with your accounting and ordering systems. Your business could have one, unified digital delivery process.

When you lower management costs like this with automation, you increase the value of all your business activities.

Gain Flexibility

Many staff are interested in remote work options that might improve their work/life balance. They may be at home with a sick kid. They could get some paperwork done while their kid sleeps through your online digital document system, so they aren’t overwhelmed when they get back to the office.

Or maybe your sales rep is on the road, and before they can get a new contract signed, they need to confirm scheduling details with your foreman. If your foreman isn’t available by phone, your rep can log into your network with secure remote tools to get the information they need.

TSPs Help You Align Your Technology With Your Business Goals

The key with any of these solutions is picking the ones that are right for your business.

That’s where Technology Solutions Providers come in. When you work with a TSP your business gains the insight of an expert team with a deep understanding of technology’s potential in the marketplace. They use their expertise and outside perspective to identify the technology that will make your business the most effective.

They know you don’t want to be solving IT problems, you want to use IT to solve your business problems.

Your TSP can take a high-level view of your business and see how all of your staff, activities, and existing technologies fit together. Many business owners don’t realize how many inefficiencies have crept into their organization over time.

That email system you bought back in 2005 worked great, but maybe it can’t connect with the new filesharing tool your staff pushed for last year. And neither product is able to communicate with your favorite accounting software that you’ve used since you opened. You’ve built yourself into a corner. But you’ve invested so many years in these systems that it can feel impossible to make a change.

Expert TSPs evaluate your business, and not only determine what technology you should use, but what tech you should avoid. Often what’s a knockout solution for one business is a complete waste of time and money for another.

When applied expertly, technology becomes more than just another tool for your business, it becomes part of your long-term competitive advantage.

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