In-House IT versus Outsourced

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The Benefits of Using a TSP Over an In-House IT Person

Deciding how to staff and manage IT is something most business owners struggle with. There are a variety of options available, which can be daunting, or downright confusing.

Going with an in-house IT person can feel comforting, but it’s not always the most effective choice. Another option for businesses to consider is working with a Technology Solutions Provider (TSP).

TSPs are companies that delivers IT support, deployment, consulting, and other technology-related services to local businesses. They can provide a variety of benefits over other IT staffing options:

The Expertise of an Entire Technology Team

When your business works with a TSP you’re gaining access to the knowledge and experience of an entire enterprise-grade Technology Solutions team. You get this because instead of paying for a single, full-time, in-house IT person, you’re paying for a contract just at the service level you need with a whole expert TSP team.

By design, a reliable TSP team will have expertise adaptable to a broad range of business sectors. So if your business ever offers new products or services, you know the team supporting your business technology can also support those new ventures. You don’t have to worry about whether your solo IT person can adapt.

Access to Exclusive Professional Tools

Many IT tools are only available to certified industry professionals, or only sold to dedicated TSP companies. These include enterprise-grade data backup tools, advanced infrastructure, software licenses, and other technology vital for many business operations.

Not only that, vendors usually provide higher tiers of support and training to certified IT professionals than to the general public. Vendors prefer these relationships as certified professionals can take on a greater amount of product support, which makes things more efficient for all parties: vendor, TSP, and client.

Lastly, it often doesn’t make sense to implement certain IT tools and workflows just for one business. Either because they’re too costly, or too time-consuming to develop at the scale one business would use them. So solutions whose effort may not be justified by one IT person at one small business, can become available and very cost-effective for clients working with a TSP team.


Your business benefits from scalability in your TSP relationship in other ways as well. You get access to a skilled, professional team, at just the level you need.

Hiring a full-time or even part-time in-house IT person may not be the right fit for your business. The nature of your IT infrastructure may mean you only need service a couple times a week. Or those needs may mean it’s not cost effective to invest in expensive IT support tools—or the necessary training to use them, which is often the costliest part.

Perhaps your business goes through seasonal swings and you need different levels, or types, of IT service at different points in the year. Retaining full-time IT staff during your downtime, or alternatively going through repeated hiring cycles, can be very expensive.

Perspective on Your Business

Some business owners can be concerned about having their business’s technology managed by an external team. But many find that outside perspective becomes one of the values provided by working with a TSP. You get their insights seeing your business from a different angle, and from working with other area businesses. Maybe there’s a new technology that a manufacturer client of your TSP across town is trying out, and your TSP thinks it might be a good fit for your shipping business. Or they hear about an unmet shipping need a retail client has, that your business could step in and meet with certain new technologies.

These are insights you may not get using an in-house IT person whose perspective is limited just to your business.

Seeing IT problems from the outside also helps your TSP find the fixes that will solve your technology problems for the long term. Access to the expertise and broad, tech industry knowledge of a full team provides your business more than ‘band aid’ solutions for today’s problems. Your TSP can find and apply solutions that not only solve your immediate problems, but head off future issues, and make your business’s technology run even more efficiently.

Every business has unique technical needs, and that means every business needs to find the right, unique technical management. For many, that means contracting with a reputable Technology Solutions Provider.

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