Patch Management

Software updates, bug fixes, software improvements - all are handled from a centralized location (ours!) and migrated to your workstations systematically and routinely.

Anti-Spyware Management

Anti-virus, malware, spyware - we keep an eye on new and existing products to keep your machines protected.

Spam Management

We create protocols to determine what emails need to get to you and what emails need to be caught by the spam filter.

Desktop Optimization

All workstations get bogged down over time, we manage all workstations to minimize downtime and keep your employees working efficiently.


Licenses, updates, installations - we keep track of all necessary dates, numbers and agreements so you don't have to.

Remote Backup

There is nothing worse than no backup. Except for the backup that did not work correctly and is blank. That, my friend, is apocalyptic. We got you covered.


  • Patch Management
  • Anti-Spyware Management
  • Spam Management
  • Desktop Optimization
  • Documentation
  • Remote Backup
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