We usually start with a look at the whole business process. We hold numerous “dreamer sessions” to understand what owners and staff really want their data system to do. By focusing on the outcome and the benefit, we work backwards to the solution. The result is a refined step-by-step strategy to solve the issues in a coordinated fashion.
We have done our job when the strategy is an integrated, comprehensive and functional solution.

  • Consultation

    Do you currently utilize the Cloud? What does your BDR (Back-up and Data Recovery) system look like?

  • Dreamer Session

    Does your BDR system function as you would like it to? Do you like the idea of the cloud? What would you like to see the technology do for you?

  • Strategy Session

    Identify possible technology solutions and support for your business. Create a timetable for implementation.

  • Launch

    Migrate your systems and users to the cloud and train all users.